Hello Travel Friends!

I am Baykes founder of Travel-To-Discover-Ghana website and experience. I have been a lover of traveling, dancing and food all of my life, and Ghana is the place to get all these and more. I’ve always been passionate about exploring Ghana and discovering its hidden gems.

I love to travel to those not so popular destinations in different parts of the country to experience the local culture and the local cuisine. I have picked up tips and tricks around how to get to some cool destinations along with what to do and where to go, and I hope these tips will also be helpful for your “Travel to Discover Ghana” adventure!

I want to give you a bit of background on who I am, and what my story is…

I hail from Koforidua, where I first drew breath, but my formative years were shaped by the salty air of Takoradi along Ghana’s western coast. My educational journey led me through the historic streets of Cape Coast during high school and the vibrant city of Kumasi during my college days. Beyond these urban centers, I have traversed Ghana extensively, continually seeking new horizons to explore.

Boti Falls in the Eastern Region

During my teenage years, I had the opportunity to travel to many amazing places in the country, mostly with my late Dad (RIP). I learned so much from different tribes and clans. That experience sparked my love for Ghana travel and immersing myself in different cultures. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t varieties? I’ve not only laid foundations across the country but also woven a tapestry of experiences that color every corner of my life. Now, you’ll find me living a life on the move between Accra, the heartbeat of Ghana (or can I say the New York City of Ghana? Lol), and Koforidua, a town that holds so many of my cherished memories.

This isn’t just about me flaunting my love for my heritage, it’s also about why I’ve dedicated myself to helping others discover the allure of Ghana. The culture, the food, the music – they’re more than just aspects of my country; they’re threads in the fabric of who I am.

Why Travel-To-Discover-Ghana Website?

Having traveled to various countries, I often find myself passionately sharing about Ghana whenever people inquire. I noticed a lack of detailed information about Ghana on many existing websites, prompting numerous inquiries from friends seeking advice. This inspired me to create a website dedicated to providing comprehensive information to help people plan their trips to Ghana.

Has this happened to you before a long awaited trip or adventure? On the day of departure, excitement mingled with a touch of fear and anxiety, you realize you have no solid plans in place. You ask yourself; Where should I go? What should I do? How do I navigate this new place? And most importantly, where can I find the best local eats? I’m sure many of us have experienced this sense of uncertainty, especially when we find ourselves in a foreign country with a different language (we speak English, but we also have over 200 different dialects:)). It can be quite daunting – I ask these questions any time I am about to embark on an adventure.

The good news is, I’m here to help you with immersive travel experiences and insights that only a local could provide. So, if you’re looking to uncover the beauty of Ghana, whether you’re a tourist eager for adventure or someone considering making this gem of West Africa your new home, stick with me. I’ve spent a lifetime exploring our tradition-rich paths and I’m eager to share their secrets with you. My goal is to help fellow travelers visiting Ghana to have the time of their lives! I’ve been here, done that, and I know that planning a trip to Ghana can be exciting but also overwhelming.

Unveiling Travel-To-Discover-Ghana – A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

I’m here to help you with a treasure that’s been a part of my life since my earliest memories: the vibrant land of Ghana. My journey through Cape Coast’s historic paths, Kumasi’s bustling markets, and the vibrant streets of Accra and Tamale has deeply influenced Travel-To-Discover-Ghana. From the serene beaches of Ada to the lush landscapes of Akosombo and the cultural richness of Tamale and Ho, each city and town in Ghana offers a unique experience waiting to be explored, a canvas of experiences rich with tradition and bursting with modernity. Imagine a place where centuries-old customs meet contemporary flair – that’s what Travel-To-Discover-Ghana is all about.

We’ve got a variety of traditions that echo through time, and I’ve personally savored each of them. From the pulsating drums of our festivals to the mouth-watering spices in our dishes, the spirit of Ghanaian culture courses through my veins. And it’s this passion, this genuine love for our heritage, that I’m eager to share with you through Travel-To-Discover-Ghana.

It’s not just my love for our traditions that spurred Travel-To-Discover-Ghana into being. Meeting so many people, both tourists and potential residents, has been incredibly inspiring. Answering their questions and seeing their keen interest in Ghana sparked an idea. Why not create a platform that not only answers those questions but also actively guides and supports their journey into our world?

Choose something that resonates with you, and chances are, we at Travel-To-Discover-Ghana can make it happen. Whether you’re drawn to the tranquility of our beaches or the hustle and bustle of our markets, we’re committed to providing you with an immersive experience that feels both intimate and exhilarating. So, let me be your host to this fantastic blend of tradition and modernity that Ghana proudly offers.

Join the Adventure – Insights and Stories from a Local Enthusiast

I’d love to share with you not just the landmarks of Ghana, but the stories and experiences that give life to these places. From the bustling markets of Accra to the serene beaches of Takoradi, every corner has a tale waiting to be told.

By choosing Travel-To-Discover-Ghana, you’re not just visiting; you’re becoming part of a community that cherishes its peace, welcomes with open arms, and thrives alongside a booming economy. I’m here to open doors to these experiences and ensure your journey is nothing short of remarkable.

And it’s not just about the destinations. It’s also about the journey. As we explore together, I’ll reveal my personal favorites, from local dishes to the rhythms of highlife music and afrobeats that keep our feet moving. These are the elements that turn a trip into a transformation. Imagine settling down for an evening in a cozy spot in Accra or taking a weekend retreat in the lush settings of Akosombo. This is what Travel-To-Discover-Ghana offers – a chance to seamlessly blend into the Ghanaian way of life and create memories that linger long after you’ve returned home.

If you’re as excited about Travel-To-Discover-Ghana as I am, I invite you to connect with me. Let’s embark on this adventure together. Reach out, ask questions, or simply share your expectations. I’m eager to tailor your Ghanaian experience to be as unique as the story you’ll have to tell.

Thank you for considering Travel-To-Discover-Ghana as your companion in exploring the richness of my homeland. Remember, this isn’t just a trip; it’s an exploration of culture, community, and the countless wonders that Ghana has to offer.


All the best,